Monday, October 3, 2011

Pond update....stage 3

Hi, now that the pond was ready for filling, all i needed was some rain to fill my tank....and rain it did. The tank was full in no time and overflowing, on with the raincoat, and released the tank water into the pond. In a few short hours it was full...and the tank still filling...had a bucket load of rain that day. Once the weather cleared it was time to secure the liner edge with rocks and also make some minor adjustments to the ground work and waterfall. When setting up the falls, i didnt want a roaring when i set up the header pond, some of the water would return to the pond behind the rocks and the rest would run a pleasant trickle over the fall rocks. This worked out very well. A few plants were added (more to come) and quartz stone added as a border and also to secure and hide any gaps.The electrical side of things was now completed and the pump and bio filter were doing their job,some lights were also added beneath the walkover.
Click on photos for a larger view.This is the stage im at right now....will get some fish shortly, some water plants on the way.....a bit more landscaping and the job will be more when completed...stay happy :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pond update

Now that the hole has been dug and the waterfall formed up, it was time to get ready to install the liner.Before this however i made a couple of pathways in sides where later, a bridge is to be built. Sand was used as a base, about an inch thick and partially up the sides. The sides i used layers of packing foam (the spongy stuff), for the waterfall, old carpet was placed over the bricks and layers of cardboard in the header pond. Carefully placing the liner in the hole, it was unfolded and roughly pushed into shape supported on the edges with rocks. The waterfall rocks were stacked up to the header pond. I was lucky to have a heap of rocks around the place to use, saving me a bit of money.

Once i was happy with the falls, i decided to begin construction of the bridge, nothing fancy, just a flat walkway. Posts were concreted into the ground either end, and two half logs were  attached to these. The top is made from 90mm x 19mm decking boards.
Finally completed, the walkover below.Some  lanterns each end, an arbour at one entrance and a bit more rockwork in the pond...starting to take shape...till next time...stay happy :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Building the pond

Hi, well finally started building my fishpond with waterfall. Bought a pond kit which had 6m x 3m liner, bio filter and pond pump. Once i decided where the pond should go, it was digging time! I marked out the shape with line marking paint, this made things a lot easier. I decided on a depth of around 400mm at the waterfall end and around 350mm at the other. Nothing really fancy about this pond, pretty basic, but was still hard work! Pond around 2.5 mtrs long x about 1.5 mtrs wide, this allowed plenty of overhang for the liner.
It was very important to make sure all levels were correct and to allow for any fall in the land to ensure that the water level would be even with the pond edges. String lines and a level were very useful! The ground wasnt too bad to dig, fairly soft.
I also began forming work for the waterfall using bricks as a base. A header pond will be created to allow a more even flow for the falls. The liner will be put over this and fitted accordingly.Well this is the  first stage post, more to follow soon...stay happy :)