Monday, September 19, 2011

Out with the old!

Hi, as i mentioned in previous post i would show some pics of the kitchen makeover. This is how it used to look.....nice country kitchen?!  These cabinets been in for at least 70 odd years! One was signed on the back..A.Clark 1944!  They were not in the best condition, so, time to update! I purchased a flat pack kitchen from the local hardware store...would have built my own if i had the right equipment. Anyway...out it came.
The new cabinets had to be assembled, this was a breeze, soon it was beginning to take shape.Installing was also a breeze, just being sure everything was level. A Real problem with the old kitchen was the sink location....wrong sink, for the wrong cupboard and jammed away in the the corner...not very user friendly! So i repositioned the sink to a more central location...bought some flexible pipe extentions and moved the waste pipe. Also in this upgrade was the replacement of the gas stove with an electric under bench oven with gas cooktop and also a slide out rangehood .time to get the plumber! The stove was disconnected and removed so i could install remaining cabinets. Once the plumber reconnected the gas, and oven was installed it was time for the tiling.Cement sheets were attached to the wall, and i set about cutting and fitting tiles. Had a few tricky power points, but with a hand cutter that fits into a hacksaw, everything went to plan. Once tiles were up they were grouted and silicon used on the expansion gaps (corners etc)  To finish off i used aluminium angle in the corners and under the overhead cabinets, just for something a little different. Handles were used from the old kitchen and gave the modern a little country feel. Happy days :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Going up the Country....

Hi all, well its time for a whole bunch of new projects as we have sold our house and made the big move to the bush. Although we bought an older style house, it has had a lot of work done already. Got a heap more land space, so its going to be a great challenge. So far i have installed a water tank and replaced the kitchen (photos will be up soon) Really looking forward to creating another fish pond and fernery, but this one will be bigger and better! when i start i will post stage by stage photos. This time i will be using a pond liner rather than a pre formed all the gear...just a matter of starting on it now..happy days :)