Friday, February 26, 2010

Laying of the bricks

I wanted a path that led from the garage to the back and thanks to the brickies who left a stash of bricks behind, I put them to good use. I wanted my path to be straight and neat, but of course, Lynn wanted the bricks staggered.. so that's what I did, and to my surprise when it was finished, it didn't look to bad.

Surveying the Land

Now comes the fun part.. lol..Checking out the soil , the leveling of the ground and removing all the rocks that lay dormant under ground (they actually came in handy later on as you will see here) The soil was rich in nutrients, I think at one stage, this area where I live, was once a market garden so there was very little or no clay in the soil.
I pegged and used string for all the ground work that would take place in my backyard. It took some time and effort but I was happy with the outcome. As I stood in the dirt, hoping I wouldn't trample any of it inside the new house, I pondered my next move...

And the Story Begins......

When I first bought my house, I had this picture in my head of what I wanted to see in my back yard but I didn't count on having cows for my neighbours. But they're no bother, in fact they add a wonderful country feel to the land and my home. I'm a country boy at heart anyway, however my other half Lynn, was a little sceptical about the whole scene at first ....but slowly changed her mind over time...

She became quite fond of the cows as a matter of fact, and even gave them names ..Martha and George (I guess the names are after the famous Washington's) What I wanted was a little haven in my back yard, where me and the missus could sit and ponder our thoughts and ideas or just relax and watch life go by..slowly

But someone would have to create this little piece of paradise..And that someone would have to be me.