Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hi, today i thought i would talk more music. To compliment my electric guitar, i use a stomp box with built in wah wah pedal by berringer (v-amp).It has 99 pre set effects but is also fully programable to create that unique sound. My amplfiers also in this pic are a 15 watt ibanez practice amp and a 40 watt weconic.. these are more than enough for my sessions at home, both have also built in effects, which i rarely use now i have the v-amp. Next, i have downloaded a mixing program called Mixcraft 5 to my pc, so i can multi-layer tracks using different effects and instruments, should be fun, have to get the right connectors first from guitar to pc.., maybe i will do the backing track to my videos..happy days...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello, I thought i would head down a musical track this time and show off my guitars. The first is a Takemine, which i have had for many years, at least 25 or so, the second a more recent addition, a yamaha and finally my favorite, the ashton.They are fantastic guitars to play.